The Market Street Church1The Market Street Church, located at 900 34th Street in Oakland Ca. 94608, has been on the corner of 34th and Market Streets in Oakland, Ca.  since November 24, 1923. Originally organized as The Second Oakland church of Seventh-Day Adventists, the name wa slater changed to Market Street.

We have been blessed by God with fifteen spirit-filled Pastors;  1. Elder Owen Troy--1924 to 1931, 2. Elder J.E. Johnson--1931 to 1936, 3. Elder H. B. Dobbins--1936 to 1944, 4. Elder F. Jenkins--1944 to 1945, 5. Elder R. W. Nelson--1946 to 1956, 6. Elder H. A. Lindsey--1957 to 1967, 7. Elder W. R. Robinson--1967 to 1970, 8. Elder V. Runnels--1970 to 1976, 9. Elder H. Edison Nembhard--1977 to 1981, 10. Elder William Felder--1982 to 1987, 11. Elder Robert L. Whittaker--1988 to 1995, 12. Elder Bobby Mitchell--1995 to 2002, 13. Elder Washington Johnson--2004 to 2006. Elder J. Kendall Guy--2007 to 2009.

And twelve vital Assistant Pastors and Interns; 1. Elder F. Gyorkey--1974 to 1975, 2. Elder F. Hightower--1975 to 1976, 3. Elder H. Flowers--1977 to 1977, 4. Elder Ezra J. Mendinghall Sr.--1978 to 1980, 5. Elder J. Melvin Janey--1982 to 1984(Intern), 6. Elder Tiffany Hardy--1984 to 1987(Intern), 7. Elder Virgil Childs--1987 to 1988, 8. Elder Norman G. Knight--1988 to 1992, 9. Elder Steve Stennis, 10. Elder J. L. Thompson, 11. Elder Kietrich Germany.

Currently Pastors Virgil Childs and Garrett Anderson are the Senior and Assistant Pastors, respectively. We have also been blessed with the Vietnamese Congregation formed under Bible Worker Hoang Minh Pham, and currently being shephered by Pastor Long Thatcher.

It is our sincere hope that you will find in Market Street the church that satisfies your every need through Jesus Christ our Lord.

May God bless you as you view our website.